How to Assess Service Quality

images-6One of the main goals of every hotel is to meet the requirements of their customers. Hotels depend heavily on their clients for profit just like any other business. To achieve hotel client service excellence, the customers must be satisfied with the services offered to them by the firm. In order for you to know how well you are implementing the services of your business, the hotel customer service managers should have a comprehensive hotel guest service checklist. This checklist will include all the important areas that should be checked so that goal accomplishment will be achieved.

Every hotel business has their own objectives and thus, the hotel guest service checklist differs depending on the hotelier’s preferences. Nevertheless, there are standard things that you should always include in the checklist. To make things simpler, you should categorize the services so that you can easily keep track of them using the hotel guest service checklist. Among the classifications that you should use are the front desk services, the food and beverage, in room, environmental and facilities access, retail or gift shops

Tips for Hotel Online Reputation Management Strategy

images-5Hotel online reputation management renders a variety of compensations to hoteliers. For an owner, it is crucial to understand the pulse of customers, by relating to their positive and negative experiences. This enables a hotel to directly correlate to the willingness of a customer to accept the brand. Reputation management lets customers understand the importance of brand loyalty as well as allows them to take a call on the reputability of a brand.

Online reputation management tools help a hotelier tap potential guests and target markets. Before learning how to do online reputation management, effective implementation can be ensured through a successful ORM strategy. To do so, a hotel must put the following action points in place.

1. Send out prompt responses

Online reviews from a guest is no different from guest stepping to the front desk with a complaint. These feedbacks need to be addressed with due care and service-orientation. A hotel that is a good listener and guarantees immediate rectification, retains the guest, because a customer noticing quick, effective responses online, return to the property again.

Finding Best Affordable Hotel Packages

kl-budget-hotelsIf you are planning a trip, then you certainly wish to find the best accommodation at the most competitive prices. We are happy to inform you that you definitely don’t have to break the bank to find world-class accommodation during your visit. Whether you may be planning a family vacation or a business trip, it is important to know how to search for suitable accommodation. In just a few simple and easy steps, you can find the best hotel packages, which will fully cater to all of your needs.

1. Do your research

Visit acclaimed travel sites where you are able to locate the best hotel packages, which are specifically tailored to suit your particular needs. Most major travel websites allow you to see different accommodation costs and rates from reputable accommodation facilities. You could also employ the help of a reliable travel agency, which will provide you with useful information on the different accommodation facilities.

2. Compare prices and services

After you have collected enough information concerning the different accommodation facilities,

Choosing Luxury Spa Hotel

For a time of relaxation and luxury, try visiting one of the many luxury spa hotels that can be found all around the world. You can receive a variety of treatments and procedures such as cultural remedies, healthy exercises such as yoga and dance routines, massages, Asian acupuncture, and much more. You may be looking for weight loss, spiritual revival, or just a weekend getaway – whatever it is; a luxury spa vacation just might be what you need.

Spa treatments can be soothing not only to the body, but also to your mind. Different treatments are offered for different needs; for example, one treatment may offer an immediate benefit, while you may need multiple treatments to enjoy another. A visit to a luxury spa hotel can provide a peaceful and relaxing experience for its guests. There are many modern day treatments to be had, such as holistic medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and the art of reiki, which are some of the popular choices available at luxury spa hotels. For those who desire skin regimens, enjoying saunas, steam baths and showers, Turkish baths, and algotherapy can be very beneficial.

Luxury spa hotels can be found by the

Choosing Best Hotel Online Tips

Booking a hotel online can be a daunting experience, but unless you have stayed at the specific hotel in the past, you can only rely on the information you find online to help you make the best decision that will meet your travel needs and budget.

Before you go anywhere near your computer, you are going to want to identify the type of holiday you are looking for. If you are travelling on business, then identify the area you are going to be spending most of your time. Identifying what you want to do, where you want to go and what you want to see while on holiday can help to pinpoint an area, so you can start searching for hotels within an area to provide you with a convenient and enjoyable holiday experience.

With an area in mind you can start searching the internet. Expect to have a high volume of hotels being offered, especially when looking in busy city areas, such as London. You may want to make use of a hotel booking site or review site, where you can identify the hotels without having to go through each one individually. Even when using

Enjoying Romantic Winter Weekend

It’s no lie that the cold winter months can seem to last forever, the dark mornings, evenings and brisk chill in the air can be draining for anybody. A weekend retreat can sooth the soul and revive the spirit, whether it is a cosy get-a-way in the country or sightseeing in the city, what better way to spend it than with that special someone.

A rural retreat may be just what the doctor ordered; there are plenty of locations in the UK which boast stunning views and hotels in idyllic settings. The Wining and Dining weekend for two is the perfect way to indulge and relax, with freshly prepared food at a Michelin star restaurant, serving the finest wines – it is a weekend of pure luxury! If that isn’t enough to complete de-stress you, a weekend at The Devonshire Spa is sure to do the trick. Including free access to the spa, a deep tissue body massage is also offered to help you unwind and fall into the slow pace life in the countryside.

For a weekend of true romance, try the Flowers and Champagne break. This gorgeous hotel is set amongst a natural mineral

Ways to Making Las Vegas Vacation Being Very Romantic

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is called Sin City, but it doesn’t stop there.  Vegas is the perfect destination to go for love and romance. There will never be a boring moment and celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary in this wonderful city will be a time to remember.

Vacation packages are easy to book and will typically include flight and hotel. You can add extras to your vacation package to suit your taste. Your extras may include fine dining or a luxury spa visit at one of the many beautiful  hotels.  Looking to be adventurous? No problem! You can add a nighttime city tour to your romantic vacation package to view the beautiful lights and sounds of Vegas or catch one of the many shows that are running on any given day or night.

Go hiking in the mountains. Grand Canyon is only a trip away and you will be amazed by the beauty of this natural landmark. Take advantage of Las Vegas PowerPass The sightseeing pass that lets visitors experience many top Las Vegas Attractions and Tours for one low price.  The options are endless!

One of the most important aspects of romance and love

How to Find Romantic Hotels in Rome

One of the most spectacular cities in the world, Rome is like a living museum, with fountains around every corner and piazzas packed with pavement cafes from which to watch the world go by. There are little better romantic experiences than taking a stroll through these amazing streets or sharing a bottle of wine as night falls over the River Tiber. So here are the best places to stay for that special weekend for two – the most romantic luxury hotels in Rome.

1. Aldrovandi Palace, Parioli

In the prestigious historic area near Villa Borghese, this hotel is a romantic’s dream. A peaceful and elegant retreat, it lies away from the bustle of modern Rome and the vespas and noise. However, it is still close to those classic sights like the Spanish Steps and Via Veneto to be convenient for a hand-in-hand stroll after dark.

Outside, the hotel has a private park, outdoor pool and great garden dining space – for the Michelin-starred restaurant no less – which offer the kind of relaxation and refinement that couples dream of. The rooms all have views over the parkland and spacious King size beds.

2. Hotel

Buying Outdoor Furniture Tips for Hotels or Restaurant

If you are looking to offer your visitors a great dining experience, an outdoor dining set that provides comfortable seating is essential. Just like all your outdoor furniture for your hotel, restaurant or resort, your patio dining sets must be a reflection of the image you want to show. You can choose, depending on your outdoor space, from bistro-style tables and chairs to more traditional wood pieces. Here are three main factors you need to consider before heading to your outdoor furniture manufacturer, supplier or store to buy patio dining sets.

  1. Material: Sturdy woods, metals like teak, powder-coated aluminum, and rattan are popular choices for outdoor dining furniture. Before choosing the right material, you need to consider three main factors: durability, comfort and versatility. While Teak is more durable than other materials when exposed to sunlight and rain, wood is probably the most beautiful one. On the other hand, rattan is the most comfortable one due to its tight cushy weaves. If your outdoor furniture sets are exposed to sunlight and rain, consider complimenting rattan furniture with a patio umbrella. Aluminum is more versatile because of its lightweight, but still sturdy and comes in different colors.

Making a Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel Room

Are you bored with the mundane look of your bedroom and want to give it a stylish new look like that of a hotel room? If your answer is yes, then here are a few tips coming your way to give your bedroom a makeover.

Let’s look as the different aspects that add to the aesthetics of a hotel room and how you can implement them in your bedroom. The two main factors that makes a hotel room beautiful and comfortable are, its decor and the facilities provided in it.

Giving a Makeover to Your Bedroom

This article is for those who want to give a complete makeover to their bedrooms which involves a considerable amount of expenditure and time and also for those who want to do it spending less money and time. If you are looking at making a complete makeover, then keep in mind that you will need to have a heavy budget in hand and a few day’s time to accomplish it. And, if you want to give your bedroom a hotel room feel without spending much and in less time, then I am going to give you simple tips and advises.

Okay, so what’s the first thing

Tips for Implement Hotel Advertising

If you’re in the hotel business, you’ll need to have some good easy to implement hotel advertising ideas to out perform your competition. You may already use an agency to assist your marketing efforts or you subscribe to some organisation that lists all hotels in your area and if you pay more you can get top billing on their website. Or you may even pay someone to send you referrals. There are cheaper and better ways…read on please.


You may also have a big expensive ad running in the local Yellow Pages, which is OK if you’re local, but if you’re in another part of the country or even in a different county, the Yellow pages will have marginal use as advertising. Do you have an advertising budget? Do you advertise locally or nationally in magazines or newspapers? Do you advertise special offers? Do you even have special offers?

Your Website: I am going to assume you have a good website and it looks very nice. When people land on your website how did they find you? Were you listed in some hotel directory or perhaps they just keyed in hotels in your regional

Tips on Booking Hotels in Thailand

When visiting Thailand, one of the most popular and beautiful locations for tourist in South East Asia, where you will be staying is of the most important questions to ask yourself.  You will want to feel safe, be offered great service, with modern amenities while staying in Thailand, even on a budget.   Before getting on the plane or booking a hotel to your luxury vacation or business trip in Thailand, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself about how to book a hotel in Thailand such as, is it easier to book a hotel once you get to Thailand or book it online before you leave?  Can I check out Thailand hotel reviews before I book my stay?   Is it secure to book my hotel online?  When considering how to book a room in Thailand, consider Thai Hotel where they strive to make sure you have the best experience at a budget friendly cost.

Looking for a 3 or 4 star hotel in Thailand with amenities and great locations?  How about staying in a guest house with free breakfast in Bangkok or cheap getaway in Pattaya?  Booking your stay with Thai Hotel

Booking Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Savvy travellers know that planning a vacation involves many things like comparing the prices of the flights and hotels, traveling in off-season or cracking a good flight deal for traveling, so that you can save more on your pocket. As there are many factors that can help you travel for less, likewise slashing a good deal on flights also depends on few things. So, check out the tips and tricks on how to book cheap flights and save big on your next trip.

Book in advance

Always try to book your flights in advanceto save big on your budget. It is because if you book your fights near to your travel date, you are at a risk of getting the high priced fares and if you plan your travel in advance, you will always get cheaper price. Usually, airlines release their tickets 11 months in advance, so that you can book them as early as possible and can also keep a check on the rates.

Travel in off-season

Know the best time to book your flights as it is always advisable to consider the season before booking the flights to your preferred destination. Avoid

Booking Online Vs. Travel Agents

With a whopping growth in the use of the Internet in the last decade, we have seen a gradual transition in methods used for customer service, from the traditional to booking online. In line with this trend, the tourism industry is gradually expanding in the form of online travel booking facilities too. I have listed below some pros and cons of booking with help of a travel agent as well as online travel websites. Hope this helps you to choose the right option.

Booking Online Vs. Travel Agents
Online Booking
With the advent of the Internet, a customer’s approach to the travel industry has undergone a drastic change. With help of facilities like online payment services, all bookings can now be done at the click of a button right in the comfort of one’s home.

✔ Customers just need to hint their travel destination onto a search engine and a dizzying list of online travel booking sites and hotel websites will start showing up on the screen. Each site is designed in a user-friendly manner which helps customers browse and choose the best possible holiday deal. If that is not enough, customers can now choose their airplane

Planning a Trip to Vegas Online

We are telling you about best trip to vegas this is one of the be planning that you should do for enjoy holidays at vegas, this is one of the very popular and useful method for you to travel there. You should do planning a trip to vegas; and enjoy the holidays there. We are always suggest you best place regarding enjoy holidays and collect the best memories ever.

One of the most belongings about Las Vegas is the fact that it is trouble-free to find cheap hotels and inexpensive food. Search online to find some good hotel discounts, you can frequently find very cheap rooms just a block or two off of the strip. It is fun to stay right on the strip, but quite a bit cheaper to stay in a smaller hotel within walking distance.

The vegas trips packages; is very amazing place where you should go at once in life, this is awesome place ever so must visit here. Most of the hotels and resorts located at the Las Vegas Strip are comfortable, but offer great facilities. Most of these hotels are based on a sure theme.

The food is as well

Finding Good Hotels in Derbyshire

If you plan to take a vacation in Derby, you should start looking for hotels in Derbyshire as soon as possible.This lets you make sure that you will have good accommodations during your visit. If you run a search online, you will discover so many choices when it comes to hotels and bed and breakfasts in this county.

You have to weed out the bad hotels so that you can be afforded comfort throughout your visit. You can start doing your research online by reviewing hotel directories that list down various accommodations in Derbyshire. From these directories, you will find several options in different budgets and locations. Stick to online directories that are better known.

Typically the top companies online will have websites that show up in the first few pages of search engine results. Pick these progressive websites and browse through their list of hotels in Derbyshire. Many of these sites have hotel guides that let you know if the hotel is a 5 start hotel or a 3 start hotel. Aside from hotels you can also get a good list of reputable B&Bs.

Other information you can get from online hotel directories are

Getting the Best Hotel Deals

A Bit of Advice
It is better not to use certain facilities offered by the hotels. One of them is the telephone, while the other is the room service. These can add a hefty amount to your final bill.
If you are planning to go on a vacation or business trip any time soon, one of the most important things you will need to do, apart from booking your travel tickets, will be to look for a nice accommodation that can fit into your budget. The good news is that this is possible! Even if you are traveling with limited funds in hand, there is absolutely no need to stay in a cheap motel. You can also manage to find budget accommodations in good, business class hotels, where you can not only enjoy your stay, but also save a substantial amount of money, which can then be utilized for other things such as shopping and food. For this, all you need to do is to learn some clever tips and tricks that will help you get some of the best hotel deals that are out there.

How to Get Great Hotel Deals
No matter where you plan

Finding Cheap Disney World Holiday Resorts

The Walt Disney World Resort, better known just as Disney World, is controlled by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts which is an extension of The Walt Disney Company. It is located near Orlando, in the state of Florida, and consists of two water parks, four theme parks, and more than twenty theme hotels. It is the largest amusement park present in the region, and was inaugurated in the year 1971 as a supplementary park to Disneyland, that is situated in Anaheim, California.


Though Disney World belongs to the city of Orlando, it is not actually located within the city limits. In fact, a major chunk of this resort is situated in Orange County and the rest in Osceola County. It includes the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, the two municipalities controlled by the Walt Disney Company. Spread over an area of 42,000 acres, it is bigger than San Francisco and more than twice the size of Manhattan.

Initially, the resort only consisted of the Magic Kingdom theme park, but with the passage of time, other parks like Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios were introduced. There are many more attractions like the Wedding Pavilion, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney’s

How to Find Cheap Hotels in Bangkok

If you are planning a holiday in Bangkok, you will find there are many cheap hotels to choose from – the only problem is narrowing down where in the city you want to stay.

When looking for cheap Bangkok hotels, your best bet is Khao San Road – a firm favourite with backpackers who may be staying as they pass through on a journey around Thailand.

This small road is situated close to the Chao Phraya River and you will find plenty of cheap and cheerful places to eat and drink if you base yourself here – perfect if you want to get a taste of some authentic Thai cuisine.

But perhaps the biggest draw to this spot is its proximity to Rattanakosin, where many of Bangkok’s major tourist attractions can be found.

One of the first things that will surprise you as you head in and out of the various Wats – Buddhist places of worship – is how each one is so different to the next. Indeed, while some feature coloured glass decor that sparkles in the sun, others boast solid gold statues.

Among the most famous sites is the Grand

Find Luxury Hotels and Resorts

What is more soothing and relaxing than listening to roaring waves as they crash against the sea shore? Utopia is spending holidays in luxury hotels and resorts which send you back home with hundreds of picture post-card memories. New luxury hotels and resorts are being established in every corner of the Globe and have become a popular trend these days. But in this modern era of luxury travel and resorts, the word luxury has become commonplace. In the luxury hotel and resort business, every four or five star hotel claims to be a “luxury” hotel, but it is hard to define the meaning of luxury and also hard to find a truly luxurious hotel. The most spectacular and magnificent luxury hotels and resorts are scattered across Canada, the United States, Asia, South Pacific and the Caribbean. At any one of the best luxury hotels or resorts, one can take escape from the normal hustle and bustle of urban life and take time out to enjoy the best beach holidays with your family, friends or as a honeymoon couple.

Luxury hotels and resorts offer people the luxurious opulence that they crave. They often have to spend more time